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Moxee Branding Guidelines

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Our Color Palette

Moxee Primary Orange


C:0 M:50 Y:100 K:0

PMS: 144C

Moxee Secondary Blue


C:80 M:15 Y:0 K:0

PMS: 2995C

Moxee Dark Gray


C:80 M:70 Y:60 K:70

PMS: 433C

Moxee Gray


C:65 M:50 Y:45 K:15

PMS: 431C

Moxee Light Gray


C:18 M:12 Y:13 K:0

PMS: 427C

Our Logos


Color Reversed



Our Typefaces

Our primary typeface is Centrale Sans.

Centrale Sans Bold

Centrale Sans Medium

Centrale Sans Regular

Centrale Sans Light

Our secondary typeface is Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova Bold

Proxima Nova Regular

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