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Make your car smart.

Need help with your product?

Moxee Automate is a connected car solution.

Keep a car

running smoothly

Monitors the car
even when parked

Takes care of roadside problems

Keeps new
drivers safe

GPS locates car
or loved ones

Stay Connected with WiFi Hotpsot

Perfect for Elderly Drivers

GPS Location and Geofencing ensure they are always connected and safe.

How Moxee Automate Works

Automate plugs into a standard OBDII port.

OBDII ports are found in most vehicles, 1996 or newer. Once plugged into the OBD port and the app is installed, you are good to go.

Installation is easy.

The Moxee app will guides you through setup, including how to locate the OBD port and how to install the Automate. Once installed Automate will start reading vehicle data from the car within 10 minutes.

No charging required.

Your car powers the Automate, including the WiFi hotspot.

Have support questions? Try the Moxee Support Knowledge Base:
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